High-quality technical profiles

Made from all thermoplastics and elastomers currently available

We have successfully implemented state-of-the-art extrusion profiles since 1989. We produce more than 30 million meters of extrusion profiles in our modern plants for leading customers in the window and façade industry and develop individual solutions for your large-scale projects. We are one of the leading profile manufacturers of insulating profiles in aluminium systems.

  • Freeform extrusion, co-extrusion (2 components), post co-extrusion
  • Rigid/flexible combinations
  • Self-adhesive profiles
  • Profiles with fabric or metal insert
  • Application with foam blocks, seals or other components

Modern extrusion parts are nowadays more than just perfect. These profiles carry out heat-conducting or insulating functions in the window technology and façade construction. These profiles contribute significantly to energy saving and effective thermal insulation of buildings.

Since 1989, customer-focused development is of particular importance to us.

Insulation strips

Plastic profiles for thermal separation 

We produce high-performance insulation strips for windows, doors and façades by applying extrusion processes.

  • Insulation strips made of ABS, PPO/PA,ASA,PA6.6 25%GF
  • Freeform extrusion, co-extrusion, post co-extrusion
  • FEM calculations, material development, in-house jig design and tooling

The energy balance of a building envelope is significantly improved by means of intelligent insulation strips. This also reduces the CO2 emissions. The thermal separation in window elements by means of insulation strips made of plastic is decisive for the effective thermal insulation and a corresponding resource conservation. This allies especially in large-area glass construction elements.

50% increase in thermal insulation properties

By applying a process technology especially developed by Joma-Polytec for the extrusion process, we are able to improve the material-dependent thermal insulation properties by up to 50%. Our customers can trust the reliable implementation and impeccable functionality.

Our insulation strips are found in many windows and façades of leading manufacturers, as well as in famous high-rise buildings such as the Flame-Towers (Azerbaijan) and the Frankfurt Opera House.

We would be happy to advise you

Façade systems

High heat insulating effect

UV- and weather-resistant extrusion profiles for façade and window designs.

  • Freeform extrusion, co-extrusion, post co-extrusion
  • Profiles can weight from 10 g – 2,000 g/m

Our aim is to choose suitable materials for the thermal, physical and technical requirements or to develop new materials in order to find the best system solution with our customers.

For example, our insulators can be found in well-known high-rise buildings such as the NATO Head Quarter in Brussels or the Daimler Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

We would be pleased to consult with you extensively on the individually fitting façades for your large-scale project.

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