Your single source supplier for plastic parts

From design to serial production

The technical applications of plastic parts are almost unlimited. We exploit these possibilities for you and process different materials, from standard plastic to high-temperature and bio-plastics.

Efficiency, cost and weight reduction as well as advantages in function and properties are the main reasons for the application of plastic parts in industrially manufactured products. We will assist with our know-how and support you from the development stages to the serial production of your projects. Especially in the case of new developments and the use of innovative materials, we offer you a wide range of engineering expertise at all production stages.

We are literally your single source for all function-oriented plastic parts.

The know-how Joma-Polytec applies in order to develop ready to go into production parts is very impressive.

Media routing (gas, water, air)

Media routing plastic parts in the complete system

We develop and manufacture functional plastic components for the routing of gas, water, and air. All thermoplastics can be processed in single- or multi-component in injection moulding.

  • Design and development of the components
  • Application of all single- or multi-component in injection moulding.
  • Flow and strength analyses
  • Assembly and finishing
  • Validation and testing

Decades of know-how, meets experienced employees and future-oriented production steps. This makes us the world's leading supplier of plastic parts for media routing purposes. We will lead you to the perfectly fitting product. We will assist you to identify optimisation potentials and always optimise every aspect of space requirements, flow and temperature resistance.

Together with our hydromechanical components, we can provide you with perfectly matched complete systems based on your specifications. Already during the development process, our experienced engineers assist you with comprehensive technical advice and prepare for you flow and strength analyses for your project.

We would be pleased to assist you with additional production steps, such as assembly, welding, printing or laser processing. Our in-house ISO-certified quality assurance management ensures a high quality component inspection before delivery. 

We would be happy to advise you

Structural components

Functional structural components - optimised for series production

The development of functional structural components contribute immensely to weight saving measures, energy efficiency and resource conservation in many industrial applications such as heating and window construction or photovoltaics.

  • Extensive development know-how for high-quality components
  • Use of optimised thermoplastics with high fibre content in injection moulding processes
  • Anisotropic strength analyses taking into account fibre orientation
  • Plastic-compatible design and construction of the articles
  • Validation and testing

During the design of the products—while we provide the customer with comprehensive technical advice—it is our objective to be able to design every part in a plastic-compatible manner: Maximum stability at minimum weight. Load-bearing parts are created with high fibre content for additional stability. Anisotropic strength analyses, taking into account fibre orientation, validation and testing, as well as mould flow analyses ensure a consistently high quality.

By using the optimal materials, we manufacture supports for modules, holders for heaters and plastic brackets.

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Components for auxiliary heaters

Reliable media routing and conveyance

Our components for auxiliary heating systems provide reliably media routing and conveyance, especially if strong temperature fluctuations are prevalent.

By applying FEM calculations and CFD analyses, we are able to make statements on the reliability and optimisation potentials at any time during development. Our components for auxiliary heating systems are found in products of many leading manufacturers worldwide.

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