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Pioneering services in the field of technical plastic parts and pump technology

We don't simply make parts. We develop customer-focused solutions and complete systems for leading automotive manufacturers worldwide. Our development department consists of experienced engineers and designers who are constantly exploring the limits of feasibility. Thus, we are able to create efficient functional and light-weight components at the highest technical level with great added value for our customers.

Our products combine efficiency, serial and everyday serviceability. Development and construction, tool and mould making, production on state-of-the-art systems and quality assurance—at Joma-Polytec everything is just-in-time and always from a single source "Made in Germany".

Leading automotive manufacturers trust Joma-Polytec in the new development and serial production of innovative, functional parts.

The know-how Joma-Polytec applies in order to develop concepts and turn them into ready to go into production parts is very impressive.

Individually tailored vacuum and hydraulic pumps according to customer needs with high efficiency and optimised weight.

Vacuum and Hydraulic pumps

Reliability! Tried-and-test!

We have been developing vacuum and hydraulic pumps for automotive applications for many years. Combined with our expertise in the design of light-weight components, we are developing customised solutions in the area of media conveyance.

  • Design, construction, simulation, validation
  • High efficiency/high performance, optimised weight, good acoustics
  • Diverse variants for different fields of media conveyance applications, e.g. mechanical single-leaf pumps, mechanically driven pumps which can be switched off, electrically driven pumps and dry-running vacuum pumps
  • Individual adaptations to customer requirements

In addition to oil-free and oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, our variable displacement vane pumps and external gear pumps are also found in many engine and gearbox oil circuits.
Thanks to our many years of know-how in the manufacture of hydromechanical components, we achieve extremely high service lives with consistent reliability and performance.

All of our pumps are developed in-house with serial production in mind and are subject to extensive long-term tests during this process.

For example, our pumps can be found in the brake assist area or in the transmissions of vehicles of various automotive manufacturers.

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Development examples of vacuum and hydraulic pumps

Transmission oil and wheelset pump

Transmission oil pump and wheelset pump for cooling and lubrication of gearwheels and axles

Vacuum pump

For the generation of vacuum

Main gearbox lubrication pump

Main gearbox lubrication pump for the supply of the hydraulic circuit

Electrically powered pump

Electrically powered oil pump for the cooling and lubricating of gear drives as well as for routing the hydraulic circuit in the boundary areas

Variable displacement vane pump

Variable displacement vane pump for the required oil routing of combustion engines

Constant flow oil pump

External gear and gerotor pumps for the oil routing of combustion engines and as suction pumps for dry sump engines.

Thermally adjustable valves with shape memory alloy actuators

Innovative valve technology

Precision at its highest level

We design and manufacture injection-moulded valves in all standard, high-quality thermoplastics in series.

  • Thermostatic and pressure-controlled valves
  • Actuators with shape-memory alloys
  • Injection moulding, two-component injection moulding, assembly (manual, semi-automatic or fully automated), welding, printing, laser, component inspection

Our valves fulfill various tasks in oil and water circuits, as well as in the air circulation. Characteristically, the reliability and durability of the valves is consistently high. The resistance to different media and strongly fluctuating temperatures clearly shows the advantages of plastic valves - even over a long period of time.

Specially developed actuators with shape memory alloys make our valves particularly reliable.

By applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, we can simulate the behaviour of the components in a realistic manner during the development process and thereby optimally match the application. 

For example, our valves can be used as thermal- and pressure control valves in the oil, water circuits and engine air ducts of well-known manufacturers.

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Development examples of valve technology

Thermal control valves

Valves for temperature-dependent control of the oil circuit

Non-return valves

To prevent undesirable backflow in the media circuit

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Innovative systems for weight and flow optimised media routing.

Media routing

Oil, air and water from A to B

Our integrated media conveyance systems are well-established in many vehicles of leading manufacturers.

  • Cooling water parts, oil pipes, transmission oil sump with filtration, intake manifolds
  • Flow and strength analyses
  • Innovative manufacturing processes, e.g., lost core methods
  • Validation/testing, mould flow analyses

The combination of different injection moulding processes and subsequent production steps such as assembly (manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic), welding, printing, laser, thermal forming and subsequent component testing, enables us to solve the demanding specifications of our customers.

The use of innovative manufacturing processes, e.g., lost core methods, lets us design components with the most complex geometries. All components are developed by our experienced engineers. Starting with the prototype to the series part. Each part is subject to different flow and strength analyses, mould flow analyses, and a final validation before it goes into series production.

As one of the few suppliers, we routing the complete oil or air circuit for the vehicle’s system. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Media routing

Cooling water components

oil-conveying parts

air-conveying parts

Lightweight engine mountings made of plastic make an important contribution to increasing efficiency through weight reduction.

Light-weight and structural components

Efficiency with added value

Our light-weight and structural components make a significant contribution to the energy efficiency and resource conservation in many vehicles of well-known automotive manufacturers.

  • Conception & component development from selected thermoplastics with high fibre content
  • Anisotropic strength analyses (consideration of the fibre orientation)
  • Detailed validation and testing, mould flow analyses
  • Engine and transmission carriers, end plates, assembly carriers, brackets

Our goal is to design the ideal part. Each and every time: Maximum stability with minimum weight. At the same time, we develop innovative solutions for durable plastic parts with a compelling design—always at the edge of feasibility. In the process, load-bearing parts are produced with high fibre content or in a material mix with different metals which adds to additional stability .

In addition to sheer weight-saving and stability, our plastic carriers accomplish important functions and are used in many vehicle applications, e.g., thermal management, the reduction of vibrations or emissions.

For example, our light-weight and structural components are used as engine and gearbox carriers in many vehicles of leading automotive manufacturers.

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