• Injection moulding, extrusion and hydromechanics. In-house tool making
  • In-house research & development for series production issues
  • 4 locations, 450 employees worldwide, more than 60 years experience
  • Certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, IATF 16949, and ISO 13485

Production and function oriented development for


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For the first time, Joma-Polytec GmbH participated on the CTI Symposium in Berlin from 03.12.18 to 05.12.18 with an own booth. The international CTI Symposium with its exhibition „Transmission Expo“ informed the more than 2.700 delegates over two days in several lectures about automotive transmissions and drives. Furthermore, representatives from 28 countries gained insights into the newest technologies on the booths of 250 exhibitors.

Your sector. Our know-how.

Automotive: Transmission and engine components.

In the automotive sector, we specialise in media routing components, vacuum and hydraulic pumps, valve technology, as well as light-weight and structural components.

Healthcare technology: Large production depth.

In our clean room (compliant with ISO 7, ISO 8 and gray room) we develop various products such as cardiotomy disposables or components for diagnostic systems.

Industry/construction: Structural components and systems

For example, we develop and produce parts for media routing purposes and heating components as well as window and façade elements for various industries.

You can count on that.

Whether you need a single functional part or a complex assembly: Joma-Polytec is the right solution for your demanding engineering requirements. This is ensured by decades of experience and a production-focused and function-oriented development.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Customised innovations and developments
  • In-house tool making for any type of mould
  • Delivery of complete systems (e.g., media routing)
  • Experts in series production
  • Personal and expert advice

Our core competences

Media routing & conveyance

  • Air, water, oil, gas
  • Pumps, oil deflectors, water manifolds
  • Systems

Thermal management/Insulations & Profiles

  • Insulation strips
  • Construction and façade parts
  • Thermal control valves

Light-weight and structural components

  • Substitutions for metal
  • Engine brackets
  • Assembly carriers
  • Profiles

Healthcare technology

  • Cleanroom parts
  • Disposables
  • Defibrillators
  • Blood-carrying parts
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