Avoid production errors before they occur—this saves time and money.

The development of prototypes is a core expertise of Joma-Polytec. Where our competitors reach their limits, we are moving forward with new approaches to solutions. All with the objective of keeping the cost of materials and expenses low during your serial production.

Fundamentals for efficient series production

Using existing and new technologies, we develop products tailored to your needs. Where industry-specific approaches do not work, we are thinking outside the box. Whether material use or design: Prototypes from Joma-Polytec form the cornerstones for the most efficient series production possible. As a system supplier, we integrate your experience in the prototype development.

A number of national and international patents underline our position as technology leader.

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Research and development, prototyping and series production: At Joma-Polytec you will find everything under one roof. Your benefit: there is no red tape, only concentrated know-how. For example, we develop all prototype tools in-house. We use the findings from our prototype design and apply it to the series production. This gives you assurance, saves time and provides you with cost advantages.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Experienced development and design department
  • In-house tool making
  • Rapid prototyping
  • In-house test laboratories and test rigs
  • Component test benches
  • CAD/CAM systems: NX, Catia, ProE, VISI

Prototyping plastics technology

We develop plastic prototypes for you from all types of thermoplastics, elastomers, and metal components. We use processes such as CAD, CFD analyses, FEM calculations, mould flow simulations, FMEA analyses, and digital prototyping. Our service also includes anisotropic strength analyses.

  • Prototypes made from thermoplastics, elastomers, and metal components.
  • CAD, CFD, FEM, mould flow, FMEA, digital prototyping
  • Anisotropic strength analyses

Prototyping hydromechanic components

At Joma-Polytec we develop hydrostatic displacement pumps and hydraulic components based on your specifications. For example, the performance-optimised components are used in the area of motor sports.

For prototyping in the field of hydromechanics, we use series or series-identical materials. We also manufacture plastic components and aluminium enclosures using rapid prototyping procedures.

And of course, meeting your requirements for a complete documentation is a matter-of-fact. We use our in-house test laboratories and test stands for all common procedures for pre-testing, for testing individual components, and entire systems.

What prototypes may we develop for you?

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