Extrusions are what we do. We have specialised in the production of insulating profiles for the aluminium window and façade sector since 1989.

  • Our ISO certification guarantees the highest product quality.
  • Series production of large production volumes
  • Our lean company structure is your assurance for short response times
  • 50% better thermal insulation properties
  • Production both cut to length and on a reel
  • Internal quality assurance

By utilising a variety of procedures and applying years of engineering know-how, we bring together a wide range of different materials with different properties in order to create a high-quality and durable product.

  • Materials:
    ABS, PVC, PPO/PA, ASA, PC/ABS, PMMA, PC, PA6.6 25% GF, PP, PE, TPE, W-PVC, etc.
  • Profiles:
    Weight: from 10 g – 2,000 g/m
  • Extrusion procedures:
    Freeform extrusion, co-extrusion, post co-extrusion
  • Appendix:
    20 extrusion lines on 10,000 m² factory floor space and a staff of 78 employees
  • Other production steps:
    Filming, punching, drilling, cutting to length

High performance extrusion profiles

Concentrated knowledge of our experts in innovative solutions

Our many years of experience in the production of plastics combined with the in-house development of all requested products allows us to tailor all necessary production steps precisely to the requirements of our customers and their components. Necessary test equipment and devices are developed independently and adapted to the specifications of the extrusion parts that must be produced. Due to our in-house development, optimal production conditions can be guaranteed.

We have made the innovation and technological leadership of our products our life’s work.

As a system supplier, Joma-Polytec integrates the customers' experience into the company’s development work. The result is perfectly matched plastic profiles, highly complex system modules, improved thermal insulation properties, and numerous national and international patents.

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