Cleanroom production

Our expertise in manufacturing under cleanroom conditions, which we have acquired over many years, enables us to reliably implement demanding projects with a large production depth.

  • Certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012
  • Cleanroom compliant with ISO 7, measuring approx. 80 m²
  • Cleanroom compliant with ISO 8, measuring approx. 200 m²
  • Gray room area measuring approx. 400 m2

The diverse product spectrum extends from plastic parts for cardiotomy disposables to components for diagnostic systems.

The mould-injected parts must be protected during the production process from airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, dust and polluted grains, abrasive particles and oil mist, and last but not least, minuscule drops of lubricant. Consequently, the impurities produced during the production must be limited and prevented from entering the production process and the end product. This is accomplished by integrating suitable ventilation and air conditioning systems and/or air ducting into the clean room. In plastics processing, technical products are now increasingly being manufactured in an environment containing the least amount of particles.

Our ISO-certified cleanrooms and specially trained employees working in the cleanroom area form the basis of our production of plastics in complete absence of contaminants.

  • Materials:
    All thermoplastics
  • Clamping force:
    25-250 tonnes
  • Manufacturing processes:
    Injection moulding, 2-shot injection moulding

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