Installation of sub-assemblies

We assemble complex end products from different components within the shortest production times possible. You receive your finished product conveniently, reliably and quickly from a single source.

  • Flexible assembly cells and fully automated production lines
  • Various finishing processes
  • Efficient batch tracking up to the individual parts
  • 100% inspection of all assembly parameters

As a system supplier, our in-housel assembly set-up allows us to assemble the plastic parts both manually and fully automatically.

In addition to ultrasonic , vibration , infrared, hot gas and heating element welding , we offer solution for all assembly and finishing operations. 

Our other manufacturing processes at a glance:
Bonding, laser process, thermal forming, printing, screwing, riveting, clipping, conditioning, tempering, hot embedding, pressing, and grinding of plastic parts

Fully automated assembly

In the flexible assembly cell several fully automatic assembly steps are combined in the smallest space possible. For example, the components can be welded in a single process, provided with O-rings, bushings and data matrix code. Subsequently, an automatic camera system is utilised to check the components for completeness and finally assembled in a package-ready manner.

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